I love it when I have memories pop up on Facebook, It shows how far life and George has progressed. Sometimes however those memories highlight that our life is still as crazy and chaotic a year on, and I’m no better at handling it as my view point on life will always be ‘let us wing it’.


So, todays memory was a year ago today and I remembered it vividly once I read it. The day back in 2016 started shopping in Morrison’s!!

Shopping for me and three children is something I avoid at all costs, ever since George over armed bowled an unripe, very large mango at the back of a man’s head. The poor man looks furious, until he saw the face of the boy that threw it. He was so gracious in handing me back my mango (which was now bruised) and said ‘oooo isn’t he a handful’!


Anyway, back to the day one year ago, we are shopping!

George had uneventfully negotiated the store, and we had reached the tills, George spent a small amount of time chatting to the girl serving us, a lot of them know us. He then proceeded to climb on the roof of a ride on toy that you put a pound in; me saying ‘ah don’t worry he bounces’ wasn’t well received, something about health and safety was mentioned. On getting him down he stood on a bench at the end of the till, pulled down his pants and panicked because he needed a wee. Hearing his desperation, I said that he just needs to hold it for one minute.


I meant that he needed to hold his wee


I did not mean for him to continue to stand on the bench holding his willy; when will I learn to be more specific with this boy!! So, I said to the sales assistant ‘I bet you wished I’d left him up on the ride now’, she wasn’t ready for humour in the situation.

From there we headed for the tip, it was here that while I was emptying my car George frisbeed a booster seat out of the car widow, connecting with the centre of a man’s back at force (pattern forming in your mind!!!)

I was that shocked, a little embarrassed, and massively wanting the world to swallow me up at this point that I had forgotten to apologise. I just said, ‘ah this is my life’, to this day I can’t believe these words left my mouth, before oh my days I’m so sorry.

I’d like to say this day finished here, but of course it didn’t, stupidly I thought soft paly would be fun with the asbo trio!!!! George shouting ‘mum I need a wee’ at the top of the slide while a cascade of wee is flowing down the slide was not one of our finest moments. I remember the cleaner saying did you see the boy that did it!! It was that moment that you think should I confess or pretend he is nothing to do with me.


So, this brings me on to today and how in my captain crazy life nothing much changes.


George isn’t great on bikes or scooters, he lacks balance and confidence so today I took him to try a wriggle car. They are like a scooter that you sit on, you put your feed up wiggle the steering wheel and it somehow moves itself.

So there George is in Smyths toy store on this wiggle car testing it out. He was getting on brilliantly, got to the back of the shop and I said come back to me then. Well of course he didn’t, again I totally underestimated him and he went off. I even stood a moment thinking he’ll be back in a minute, of course he didn’t come back. Scooping up willow I set about my search, to absolute no avail. A young assistant asked if I needed helping to find what I was looking for, I said yes please my son that has twoc’d your wiggle car.

It’s not a massive store but could we find him? It was only hearing a ‘oooooo’ that I turned back on myself and saw George come up an aisle that was full of shoppers. He was full pelt towards me, a lady in his wake grasping her calve straight toward another lady and child. I shouted, I told him to stop, I think at one point I begged. Well they didn’t stand a chance did they. They went out like pins on a bowling lane.

I wanted to hide, I wanted to walk off with willow, but in my pleas, I’d claimed him, they all knew he was mine.


So, my story today is….. many things change, George makes so many improvements. He is my superstar.

However, somethings never change, shopping continues to be an impossibility.



I honestly sit and think though, I don’t ever want somethings to change.


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