The New Term is Here!!!

The start of the new term is here!!!!

My absence from blogging has been as a result of the most hectic and chaotic summer holiday. That said it has been amazing; action packed and side splittingly funny.

There was a barefoot walk, that George heard the word bare, and took it to a new level that shocked everyone present. It wasn’t the sensory experience that either of us thought it would be; it was closer to excruciatingly painful.

We played golf; George seemed to prefer to use his club as a snooker cue.

He dived bombed an aqua aerobics class, needing to be kicked out; not however satisfied in this taster class he did the same with a kettle bell class. How either of us walked out of that experience with our heads still on our shoulders still shocks me.

The day that sticks in my mind was going to a swimming theme park, where I nearly lost George once a minute; he climbed up an out of order slide and hid half way up it. We went down flumes together, one of which was side by side. A lifeguard helped by making George wait at the top of his slide while mine became free. It was only when I got to the bottom and couldn’t see George anywhere, that the panic set in. I’d not made double sure that his slide came in to the same pool as mine, or if he could stand up in the landing pool. A couple that had gone down before us had waited and joined me in my worry. It was only as I was about to get out of the landing pool that George made his delayed appearance. We all let out a massive breath, and George asks to do it again!!!! No came my response, it was only after sending him down solo did it occur to me that I hated slides, and that could have been the biggest bad mummy moment ever.

Following on from this he was dying to take willow down a little baby slide, it was a little slide what could go wrong?

I sat willow on George’s knee telling him a million times to wait at the top until I got to the bottom to catch them. While I drilled the waiting to George, I should have also added hold tight to willow. On their decent he let go of her, she came down the slide like a cork off one of my bottles of wine, bumped her head, and crashed in to the pool as I totally failed to catch her. I followed this excellent level of parenting by forgetting willow in the queue to get change for parking, on remembering I was a man down, I felt it ok to tell the family I’d left her standing with, that I am forever forgetting that I have this one.


So anyway here we are, back at school. There have been big changes for George and peony.

George moved to key stage 2, and has moved really well. The teaching assistant, who moved with him, has been incredible and has looked after us both. She watches from a distance to make sure he gets to his lessons, she has reassured me about every tiny concern that I’ve had, she has helped other members of the class to get to know George.

Peony has moved in to year one, and again moved well.

The people, who know us, will know that our first year in a mainstream setting wasn’t without some pretty big ripples. I can now reflectively acknowledge that a part of this was my adjustment and acceptance of differences in a mainstream setting compared to special needs education.

So with the first school day here I made a real effort, I engaged in conversation with Peony’s head teacher, I tell her its nice to see her back, she compliments my hair, all was going well!

However then George got bored of a hula-hoop he was holding. He over arm slung it out of the playground, in to the school traffic. This caused a car to slam his breaks on and swerve out the way, very nearly causing an accident. All of this right in front of the head, who watched on as he moved on to this next piece of equipment. His equipment of choice….. a scooter! Not his scooter, we have gone back to TWOCING it would seem. Never can I pull off being cool while George can out scoot my running abilities as I’m trying to catch him.




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