Its Not Always Us!!

I am suddenly aware of my recent lack of blog updates through the holidays. This hasn’t been for the lack of material or boring dull days, but a total lack of time. We’ve had a relaxed attitude to bed times and therefore no evening to sit and reflect on our chaos.

I love spending our days doing activities with others but I do fear for their sanity.

Fortunately I have a very dear friend I have known for nearly 30 years. We have spent so many good days together, and within his company I feel so safe that I am not alone. He is there to pick up the slack when my kiddies are out numbering me. He has a son of his own, and they all get on so well….. well most of the time!


During the third week of the holiday we thought we would give mini golf a try!!! I looked on Groupon, found the venue and booked for 2 adults and 4 children to golf.


Before we made our way to the golf course we found a lovely park on the Loughborough/Nottingham border.

We were captivated by the sensory garden, which had so many stations of interaction. All was gong well until George walloped his own thumb with the mallet attached to the steal drum. All was solved however as George blamed a random passing by boy, and attributed all blame to him. The boy did ask me why George was so grumpy? I smiled and said he is in pain and felt cross. I resisted the urge to say ‘because sweet heart he is an arse’.


Following on from this we headed to the park.


On the approach there was a bouncy castle that obviously all the children wanted to go on. Daniel and I stood counting out all the small change we had while the kids bounced. It soon became clear that in the absence of a cash machine we didn’t have enough for the three to bounce. After standing and counting for a while George got bored of his free go and left the castle wanting to go to the park. So off I trotted with George and willow to the park while Daniel waited with Peony and his son to finish on the bouncy castle.


Inside the park I did the quick assessment that any parent would do with a flight risk child, I checked all exit points. George did his usual ping-pong ball effect that he does in all new environments. Dutifully willow and I followed him keeping a check on any foul play on his part.

There was a moment that I got myself in to trouble, a small boy wearing similar clothing to George was playing in the sand near to where George was playing. Looking up from willow I saw this boy in a Spiderman hat, thinking it was George and he had done a bit of twocing; I marched over telling who I thought was George off for stealing a hat. Unfortunately for me his mum was in very close proximity and heard me shout at her son. She was in no way understanding even when I explained her son was wearing similar clothes to my son and stealing hats was his signature act, especially with it being a Spiderman hat.


Making our quick exit from the sand pit I discovered George had made his way to the swings. There feeling safe from the scary mum, I casually looked around to see if there was anyone else we could alienate ourselves from, I saw 2 individuals on the roof of this massive climbing frame. They were 15 feet up, with a 3rd person climbing up an enclosed cylindrical slide to join the other two. Obviously my first thought was the irresponsible nature of these people, teaching children to climb so dangerously.

However on closer inspection I noticed that one of the boys had the tell-tale sign of downs syndrome; flattened back of the head. It soon became clear that the young lad had climbed up, got him self stuck, and the others were trying to rescue him!


Meanwhile at the bouncy castle Daniel saw men running to fetch the mats you see outside bouncy castles saying they needed them. They explained there was a young boy with downs syndrome stuck on the roof of a climbing unit, as were a man and woman. (What they thought those mats would do to break a fall from a over busy bouncy castles let alone a 15 foot fall)

Daniel hearing the words automatically presumed it was George and I stuck and hot footed it to the play area.

If I’m honest I had a sense of pride that just for once it wasn’t us causing chaos, George wasn’t stuck and I was precariously balanced on the outside of the slide.

The arrival of the fire brigade soon resolved the situation, although they couldn’t leave before George had high fived them all and said ‘well done guys’.




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