My three monsters are slowly pushing me to my limit!! They have found a new ability to argue even with the lack of things to argue about.

We can now argue about the staff’s gender at McDonalds drive through.

I order their food at the little microphone box, I make my way to window two and they start. George wants the employee to be a boy, peony wants to be served by a girl. Even when we are at that window two and we can clearly see the gender of the disheartened individual they still  argue. Peony will say yey it’s a girl and George will say no it’s a boy. I’m dying at this point just wanting to pay and move to window three where we can do it all again.

The problem came when peony was right in saying ‘yey it’s a girl’, but George loudly demonstrated his protest in this assumption. The girl was a girl however for a child it could be deemed difficult to determine gender, especially in a very generic uniform. 

So there I am putting my pin in as quickly as I possibly can because George is obstinately or not is shouting ‘yey it’s a boy, see it’s a boy’!!!

I just needed the world to swallow me up at this point. What do you do??? Should I have apologised, or do what I did? totally ignore my children, fight the urge to say lets get you back to your mummy and drive away as fast as I could, well drive to window three that is where the whole bloody saga started again!!


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