Strawberry Picking

Planning a day fruit picking with some other mum’s was how we were to spend our day! I haven’t been strawberry picking since I was a child. I remember the etiquette that you ate one, put one in the basket! 

My thinking was George in an open field, what could ever be chaotic about that?? 

Lots! Lots can become chaotic, even in an open field!

We made our presence known as soon as we got there, thinking that getting a drink from the farm shop first would be a good starting point! We were soon being for goodness saking by the shop lady as George tested the fragility of eggs!! Very fragile it was proven, especially when said eggs were dropped from a height on the slate! I tried in vain to clean up the eggs, it just can’t be done with tissue I have discovered! Asking the lady what she would like me to do about the mess, I got a “just leave it” response! I took that cue and ran to the safety of the sand pit with the kids!! 

Later we moved to the fields with our punnets ready to fill! The children loved it and quickly walked down the rows picking the red strawberries! As expected a few went in to their mouths! 

George seized the adventure with the enthusiasm I would expect from him! After some time I looked in his pot, and saw it was empty! George on the other hand was not empty! He had failed to see the sense in putting any strawberries in his pot. After he had eaten his body weight in fruit he sat himself down in the middle of the field for a small rest! Feeling safe and reassured that he was safe and couldn’t move too quickly amongst the plants I carried on picking some fruit so we actually had something to take home! I had explained to George that we don’t eat green strawberries, but I obviously had missed the point that, if left, the green fruit will turn red! I looked up from about 15 rows away from George as he was picking off the bad green strawberries and throwing them with force, and saw these were making direct hits to a poor unsuspected family! I have learnt that you can’t move that quick between strawberry plants, as he got a few more missiles in before I got to him!

Following this we went to the cafe for some lunch, 4 adults and 9 children!! For saying there was so many of us we blended in well and caused little stir! 

It wasn’t until we were  trying to leave that George announced that he needed to wee. He was not waiting for me or anyone else for that matter! He ran from the cafe with me in tow trying to navigate a large buggy through tables! In my attempts to leave quickly I took down a small child, ran over the foot of a waitress and rammed in to the side of a lady in a wheelchair. Even when running after George it’s still not ok to ram a wheel chair! I was tutted and frowned at, I didn’t even have time to apologise. I think we’ll give it a couple of weeks before we go there again!

Afterwards we had to nip to the supermarket. George has this habit of picking everything up asking “need that”. He did this with a large bag of pasta, saying no and asking him to put it back. He decided to put the bag back with an exaggerated elegance and pirouetted before casting in to the shelf! Doing this though, the bag became unsealed and George resembled some sort of pasta fountain! Loudly saying for other shoppers to hear let’s go and find someone, off we went. Walking back past the  aisle I heard two women talking, one saying to the other “I know I’ve just gone flying on that pasta”. That was my time to leave I thought and see if we could cause some chaos at swimming lessons! Yesterday while having a family swim, trying to leave the pool George dived in to an aqua class, joining in for a dance. Getting him out he flew through the open door of the fitness suite and jumped straight in to the jacuzzi with an unappreciative relaxing man! Swimming lessons today couldn’t have been as eventful as yesterday’s swim…until peony has just informed me that whilst waiting for his turn to jump in to the deep end, George wee’d on all the floats! 


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking

  1. Oh Laura that’s hilarious you seem to have had as many chaotic moments in a day as most people would have in several months. I suppose he forgot he promised to bring me some strawberries home hey ho xxc

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