Final day of the hols!

Well I’m back in good old Leicester; however after spending 5 days in Cornwall, Leicester is feeling less good old! The pace of life, the people, the roads, the dog friendly attitude, just  being by the sea makes me want to go back! In the chaos of the 7 hour journey home I’ve not yet shared our last day with you! I don’t just want to share because George was a monkey but because we had a hilarious, magical day! My mum was also subject to a very critical eye through George!!

So on Thursday we headed to Padstow again, it is quite possibly the most beautiful place I’ve been to!! Mark and my dad wanted to watch the England match. So my mum, the kiddies, and I went off to find a beach! With the help of a lovely local lady we found a tiny and secluded cove. Knowing that the tide was heading in we positioned ourselves at the top of the beach and let the kids and dogs run wild! It didn’t take long for George to not only shame himself but us too! His first mistake was throwing a bucket full of water over my mum, totally by surprise! Onlookers thought that this was amusing and laughed outloud, this was until he turned the bucket on them too!! While attending to willow and peony and not fully watching George he turned his attention to a man! It was only the sounds of the “George put the bucket down” (how in the dickens he knew his name within those first 15 minutes)! I’m sad to say that George caught the man complete aim with the water!!! With a telling off and constant apologies the man was very understanding! 

The afternoon went on and we continued to soak up the beauty of the bay! George found a new game, climbing 20 ft up on to rocks and throwing smaller rocks in to the sea! You could see the anxiety growing on people’s faces, to be honest it was growing on mine too!! I was almost pleased by the very loud anoucement by Peony that George had been for a poo! There is nnnoooooo easy and discreet way to wash George’s ass on the beach! At least I had my mum to do that walk to the sea with pooy pants to wash them out while I have him mooning the lifeguard whipping by! You have got to love toilet training!!! 

The tide was ever raising, we had a marker that we planned to leave the beach at! However you know how it goes, you open the wine that goes with the picnic, and you enjoy the sun you’ve waited all week for! We didn’t leave when we should have!!!!! We instead got distracted by a couple and a photographer! They were taking pictures on the beach, changing clothes and modelling poses!! Ooooooo my mum and I thought, a chance to mingle and photo bomb! We started to wonder which high street brand they were from, as it turned out it was a local shop in the town! They helpfully informed us of the time the tide was at its highest and we decided that we had time to stop! Probably though we shouldn’t have, not only did they witness willow swipe my wine and take a mouthful, George whipping his willy out to wee in front of them, and then them having to chase George up the steps with me in his bid to escape,  they also knew bugger all about tides! Under their advice to wait it out we ended up scrabbling over rocks, calf deep in water making our way to the steps!! Trying to do that with a buggy and a major buggy with a 7 year old wanting to sit in it!!! 

    Finally getting up to higher ground and feeling secure once more George wanted to take his swimming shorts off! I had no other shorts, so naked he was sat in his buggy!! This is the boy that scared the bejesus out of a modelling crew, stood way too high up on rocks, and water boarded locals, wanted to sit in his chair!!!! Clothes or no clothes I was fine about that….. the boy wanted to SIT!!!!! It was while George and my mum were waiting outside a shop for mark, peony and I that a woman took it upon herself to criticise that he was naked in his chair! I think a little taken by supprise my mum didn’t know what to say! Why would she know how to answer to this especially when it wasn’t her decision to leave him naked! I do understand that it doesn’t sound the best choice to travel him about in this manner but giving the back ground of the day and the innocent request that was made by a boy I took the decision to allow it! It’s unfortunate that so often you are held under the microscope and you feel in a goldfish bowl, it at times makes my world feel very small!!! What I’m pleased to be able to write however is that the actual voice of these views are not often said! They are thought, but thoughts are ok!!! You can’t control my thoughts no more than I can control yours! We can’t always control our own thoughts! It’s ok to hear what people say to us, about us, or in hushed tones. I could control what made my boy happy, being naked (he is always naked at home) that mattered at that point in time!!! F@&k what other people think or say because only I knew the lead up to that action, the antecedent to that behaviour! I’m learning so fast to be happy in our bubble!!!!


    3 thoughts on “Final day of the hols!

    1. God Lou that sounds an exciting day and I was part of it!! Funny you just take it in your stride when you you are “fire fighting” but then when you are able to reflect, there’s never a dull moment in George’s world šŸ’•

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