How to make friends and alienate people!!!

Finally the sun is shining for us in Cornwall!!!! It’s been a chilly and soggy few days! Yesterday we visited the Eden project, with the kids and of course the 3 dogs! You have this place of extreme beauty and then the Browne’s Rock up!!! It would be fair to say that George wasn’t displaying his best mood there, and found the sights of magnificent flowers uninteresting!! He did try hard to see a tropical bird, except an elderly party also wanted to see this bird and take pictures too, they were not in anyway going to miss this photo opportunity by allowing George through. George struggles to take no as an answer, he also can not pick up on the not so subtle cues of ‘you can not come through’! George proceeded through the group with force before anyone could stop him. Standing directly on the top of a mans foot, who was wearing the open Jesus type sandals, and  caused enough of a commotion to see him through. The poor man in question feeling asulted I would imagine, turned to say goodness that really hurt! On him turning back round to his party to view the bird, George as expected had scared the bird off! Fabulous, well done George, it’s hot in here and hiding from people is difficult!!! We continued  along the path until we came to a wooden shack. You could go in side and see how people along rainforest rivers lived. George found a stone!!!!!! A stone that he delicately posted through the wooden slats!!! The trouble was the shack was suspended above the previous path. George’s carefully posted stone met with a man’s head not in anyway delicately, once it had built up momentum! Looking up all this man saw was George and me looking down as if to admire our handy work! I don’t think it was wrong to apologise and to also make it very clear it was George and not me that had caused him to feel like chicken lickin!!

It’s not George though who is struggling to make friends with the locals, my dad is struggling with this aspect of life too! Coming back to the holiday park he took his little dogs for a walk down the allocated footpath. Baxter and Kirby are only young and learning the ropes of walking nicely and coming back. Baxter showed that his recall is pretty crap after he shot through a hedge to the caravans. Regardless of my dad shouting and trying to chase him down, Baxter wanted to say his own hello! He began running inbetween people’s vans barking at everything he saw. The more my dad shouted the more Baxter set in his journey to see every bit of the park. His visit to the park road caused my dad to return to his police duties of flagging down cars, informing them that there is a dog on the loose! He failed to admit that he was the owner of the said loose dog!! As he walked past a ladies caravan she thought it would help the situation if she was to shout out her window to tell my dad off. For those who know my dad will understand why this was so funny, he isn’t quick on his toes, running after a dog is certainly beyond him. He is also a person that always wants to keep the peace, and would follow any rule to the letter! After for my dad that felt like an endless walk he finally recaptured Baxter and did that walk of shame back through the chaos to their van. He has vowed not to take the dogs out again for fear of getting an asbo! 

With the sun shining we are off to the beach today, Peony has made me promise her that I won’t let George near the water, incase he dies! I think that the day at Newquay might have traumatised her slightly! 


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