Day one of holiday 

So by day one I am honestly no longer sure who is the biggest nightmare, George or me!!! We have arrived in Cornwall, which is as stunning as people promised!!! Our lodge is set in beautiful woodlands, which is frankly nicer than my house!!!!

George made his presence well known last night after he got up on stage to sing Bruno Mars! It’s unfortunate for George and all those around him that his love for music isn’t measured anywhere near close to his ability!!!! He was remembered by Paul the magician from last year, and helped him to police the bingo! We did some games, which George needed some help with! I got up and took part in the traffic light game!!! Red-sit down, yellow-get ready, and green-run!! I’m pretty sure the kids entertainer did a more rapid change of colours to watch me try and get up and down at the speed of sound!!! If this was a blog about drunken mother stories, this could go on for ages with my mum’s antics, but I’ll save them for the end of the week!

Today we went to Newquay, we ended up on this tiny beach in a small cove! Walking by the lifeguard hut, his boat, warning signs, and some how not hearing his bellowing at me over the tannoy I headed to the water edge!!! Willow in her pram, George a little behind me, and 3 dogs in tow!!! At this point I should explain how much Lincoln hates water, he will not even wee out side if there is a suggestion of rain in the air!! As the first wave washed over my toes and willow’s wheels I was overwhelmed by the beauty!! I had kind of forgot that George was with me, and failed to notice that he had sat down taking his shoes and socks off! Unfortunately for both of us my poor hazard awareness resulted in me not knowing how bloody fast that tide came in! With the next wave I was calve deep, willow’s buggy had sunken in the sand, George’s shoes were heading out with the wave! Apparently the lifeguard had shouted at me, but clearly the wind wasnt in the  right direction as I didnt hear him!! Panicking, I tried to pull willow away from the water but with her being deep within the sand I had to wait for the water to go back out, and than I ran, I ran like the bloody wind!!! George was on his feet and we were chasing shoes!! Yet again onlookers would have seen this terrible, out of control mother, with a scared son and 3 traumatised dogs!! 


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