Accidents don’t just happen to George!!

This morning I have woken up with such a sore head but for the wrong reason!!
Yesterday we left Leicester to start our holiday in Cornwall. First however we had a family wedding in Surrey and Sunday we are visiting family in Bournemouth! 

The wedding was lovely, the bride looked stunning and the weather held out! George found the restrictions that come with being guests at a wedding difficult! All in all tho he was a really good boy, and we fit in as well as anyone attending a wedding with 3 children and 3 dogs could do!!!! 

We decided to leave early evening so we could get the kiddies bathed and ready for bed ahead of our next journey! While mark was getting the bags in from the car I got changed! It was at that point George decided to leave our hotel room, letting the 3 crazy naughty dogs out to look for mark! With only having my pants on I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and tried to capture my escapees!! Trying to catch 3 dachshunds while clutching a towel under my arms wasn’t working…. So I dropped my towel! I’m not sure now in the cold light of day why I thought this would be a good idea! I became that person that was running up and down the corridor, boobs out, George ‘helping’ catching dogs!! I quickly got poppy and teddy back in the room, but Lincoln was being his ignorant self and doing his own thing! He was sniffing next doors door frame, so taking my opportunity I lunged forwards, bending down with speed, but I didn’t judge how close I was to the door! I cracked my forehead on the door frame with such force I had to hang on to George for balance! So this morning I have woken up with a huge egg on my forehead, feeling like a bit of a twat!! Mark pointed out over breakfast how funny it would have been had I of knocked myself out, someone finding me in the corridor barely dressed with a head injury! I’m not sure this would have been funny myself, it would probably be funnier if it was mark and marks forehead!!


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