An interesting day at soft play 

Last summer holidays I made it my sole aim to have as many day trips as I could cram in!! They weren’t all expensive days out, we visited different parks, fed ducks, walked (tho that wasn’t met with pleasure by George) . One particular day though sticks in my mind as the day that changed the holidays from that moment on. Never could George get me in quite so much trouble, or make me look more irresponsible. That being said I haven’t laughed quite as much since; for this reason I want to share my day at 360 soft play!!!

It was a sunny Wednesday and we decided to visit a different soft play. You see we had spent the previous day at another soft play where George had an unfortunate incident with his nappy, his hand, and padded wall inside the soft play! Never will I forget that walk of shame to the toilets listening to people’s disapproving comments! On deciding to try 360 soft play we found a central table, so for the first time there he could do his own thing without me following him! That was my first mistake!!!!!

George first wanted to go on the dodgems, which were manned by a lovely young man. Initially I was going to ride in with him, but after trying to shoehorn us in to a car only suitable for one, I left him to go it alone! He lasted a lap or so before pirouetting, was the reason 3 children crashed with force,  he then got out of his car while everyone was still whizzing around!! The young attendant looking horrified by the carnage George was causing, he slammed the emergency stop button bringing everything in to blinding lights and the premature end of everyone’s go. George walked with this chaos in his wake saying ‘bye guys’!!!

After lunch and feeling a little restful from no further chaos, I sat with a cup of tea while George and Peony played. Peony later came down to me saying ‘mum did you know George is on the roof’?!!! Erm no P I did not know that George was on the roof!!!!! As I go running towards the stairs leading to the mezzine George is being walked down the steps by a terrified looking couple and the centre manager! The look on George’s face of ‘busted’ made the corners of my mouth begin to turn up. George noticing this began to laugh, which turned my discreet smile in to hysterical giggles! You see this is just George, his climbing abilities are out of this world, climbing on to a roof is just fair game to him! Never did I specify that he could only climb within the netted walls!

The manager, not appreciating my lack of health and safety awareness took me to the 40ft high roof he was on! The little bugger had left the soft play at the mezzine exit and began his climb up the outer side of the net! The couple looked like they needed to take 5 minutes with a paper back to regulate their breathing. I explained that he’s done this stuff before and although he looks unsafe he actually has a very good sense of his own limitations! After apologising and reassuring him that George will be kept from any roof spaces I went and sat down giving George the gypsy’s warning! A little later I got up to locate Houdini, seeing the manager and a lackey with a clip board running around, pointing at access points and future safety concerns, I thought I’d offer my help! Explaining that he had done this at the zoo soft play before (the day he sat on the roof throwing ball pit balls at the zoo’s CEO and his family, made us the talk of the staff room apparently) they had put a pelmet around the top of the net, so he couldn’t climb high enough to then get on top. He listened, and then looked horrified when I jovially said ‘if you want me to bring him back to product test your modifications I’m more than happy’! He looked like he wanted to swear at me!! Clearly we weren’t ready to joke about it yet!!!!

I haven’t yet been back to 360 to see if the did in fact change it at all!


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