The First Time

So here I am writing my first blog!!!!!!!!

Everytime I write something on Facebook someone says, Laura you should write a blog.

I am a mum of three children, george 7, peony 5, and willow who is one. George has downs syndrome, more specifically trisomy 21. Meaning where we have two copies of chromosome 21, george has three!! This is responsible for some of his facial feature; the almond eyes, flatter nose bridge,the sticky out tongue. There is also the less visual things (although stand with us in Peony’s play ground and they rapidly become visual) his delayed learning, his difficulty in social situations, his impulsivity, his total disregard for rules, his ability to give me the need to say sorry a hundred times an hour. I’m pretty sure that as he grows more acutely aware of what he can get away with he will use his downs syndrome as part of his defence. “george why did you climb out your bed room window?” “its my downs” he will say. I can’t promise this wont be totally discouraged by me.

I live for the ‘mummy days’ with them all, they are so much fun and provide the most precious memories. The days are long and hard, they start at 5.30 and finish when george’s melatonin kicks in. they are however days filled with laughter and a lot of hiding, mainly on my part.




9 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. Eeeeek so pleased to see this, well done you! Looking forward to following your blog and some super exciting stories! Love you all! 😘 xxx

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    1. How fantastic you have decided to do this Lou. Not only will people enjoy the adventures you have each day with George’s antics, it will hopefully help others who may be just starting on the wonderful pathway with a child who has Down’s syndrome. You are an inspiration to many and I and am sure many others will share your experiences and wait for each episode with bated breath. Love you all Marma (mummy bear as your sister Claire would say!!!) xxx

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  2. Laura you are a true inspiration and a wonderful example of unconditional love. George’s escapades never fail to make me smile and your ability to convey this is a joy. Much love to you and keep doing what you do so very well xx

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  3. Very proud of you Lou and what a fantastic idea. Hope it reaches out to others who may be be just starting their adventure with a child who had Down’s syndrome so they can see who rich he makes everyone’s life xxx

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